Social Media Analysis: Understanding Your Client

My most recent client project has been to put together a social media analysis. What this means is that I go through a thorough process that helps me to identify the conversations and the influencers online, and then I quantify it.

Sometimes the quantity is comments, sometimes it is hash tags, and in some cases the number is based solely on traffic. Whatever is most realistic, and can represent what the client is looking for will be the focus of my presentation. This post is not about the number I find, or the social media analysis process. This post is about how much I learn about my client’s industry while going through the analysis.

As part of the account team, it is my job to do my research, and learn as much as I can about the client and their industry. The way I typically learn it is through trade magazines and newspaper articles. This is the standard approach, and I read great information, but I also come across a lot of jargon that I don’t always understand. Sometimes this hurts my knowledge of the company or their industry because of the amount of time I spend trying to learn their language.

When I perform a social media analysis however, I am able to learn about the industry, and in some cases, the client on a more intimate level. I get to learn about them from their customer’s perspective. This approach has taught me more then I would ever learn in a trade magazine or any other large publication.

Another major benefit of performing the social media analysis is the fact that I get to ask questions. I can ask these questions as myself, or anonymously. Either way I am able to gain valuable information and feedback without having to waste any time.

Performing the social media analysis, and then putting together a report is going to be a huge help to your client. At the same time though, it will be a huge help to you and your team from a traditional and new media perspective.

This is a prime example of how important it is to recognize that traditional advertising and public relations are not dying, instead they are taking a new form that include social media as both a research and conversation tool.


4 Responses

  1. dan-not sure what is in the social media analysis. Can you flesh this out?

    • Hey Rob,

      Thanks for the comment. The social media analysis can vary depending on what a client is looking for.

      My approach to this specific client was as follows:

      -Identify Industry Conversation
      -Identify Industry Influencers
      -Identify Competition’s Presence
      -Quantify Competitor Visibility
      -Identify Client’s Presence
      -Quantify Client’s Visibility

      This is a broad explanation, but this was the basic approach I took.

  2. OK..sounds like you are establishing a baseline….what happens next….does this come with a set of recommendations for an expanded voice.

    Also, as an ROI type that is keenly interested in drivng activity (snd conversion) in the Kardea Nutrition shopping cart, is this integrated with google tracking to assess increasing web activity? Is there some proxy for understanding who is coming to the web from the social network activities? Also, can we get a sense of site abandonment and conversions?

    • Rob,

      Really interesting and in depth question. Yes the next step is to work directly with the client to develop a set of recommendations. We are very firm believers in the fact that you need to understand your position online before you set a strategy, and we work with clients to define their ultimate goals prior to giving recommendations.

      As far as ROI and analytics are concerned, they are a very big part of the next steps in the process. As we develop and then evaluate a strategy, analytics will be a key factor in understanding where we are succesful. As far as the analysis process is concerned, this is only the first step in a long list of tasks we perform prior to the company implementing their online marketing program.

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