Is The Social Media Hype Over In 2010?

My job is social media so why would I even bring this up? The reason that I am and the reason that I believe the hype is over is because social media is no longer a buzzword. Instead, it is and should be accepted as an integral part of any marketing strategy.

Looking back at 2009, it is truly amazing how fast the media world changed, and how many new tools and exciting opportunities arose from the transformation. A lot of the new tools are digital and range from Iphone Apps to Ning Communities. These tools are all fun and have been the reason for some interesting and controversial campaigns.

As you transition into a new year (and many of us do our best to surface from this recession), think about what is important to your marketing efforts.

Here are some thoughts:

Accept Social Media – It is here to stay and is a big part of modern media.

Protect Your Brand – Everyone is talking, even your employees. Put together a social media guidelines sheet to protect your brand and your employees (We have one at Mason, Inc.).

Spread Your Budget – There is value in other mediums, social media should just be a part of your strategy.

Public Relations Matters – You and your employees donated $XXX to a local charity. Let a PR firm spread the word; don’t build your profile to always “toot your own horn”. By the way, who is monitoring what is being said about you and looking for articles that can establish your brand in your industry?

Go Viral – Online and offline, creating a campaign with the ultimate goal of going viral is key to your success. I recently read that “content is no longer king”; “customers are king (or queen)” now.

Don’t Waste Anymore Time – Before you know it, January will have come and gone and you are still debating whether or not you want to reach your customers and establish your brand. Don’t waste time; get the ball rolling immediately even if that means getting on the phone with someone that works in this industry!

I want to wish you the best of luck in this New Year. Some people look at 2009 as a tough year. It was, but it is over! So let’s look at the many great tools 2009 gave us, and let’s make the most of 2010!


Press Release: Mason, Inc. Adds Manager, Interactive, and New Media Design

Neil Johnson joins award-winning advertising and public relations agency

BETHANY, Conn., (September 25, 2009) – Bethany-based Mason, Inc. announced today that Neil Johnson has joined the agency as Manager, Interactive & New Media Design.

Johnson will be responsible for designing new media, e-marketing and other web-based and interactive programs at Mason. Mason clients include Acadia Insurance Co., Connex Credit Union, the Connecticut Sun, Hospital for Special Care, Kardea Nutrition, The United Illuminating Company and Yale-New Haven Hospital.

“I’m incredibly excited to become a part of the talented staff at Mason. The atmosphere fosters creativity and rewards hard work, both of which are great for a designer like me,” Johnson said. “Here, I feel like an important piece of the puzzle in reshaping the interactive department, and I look forward to helping bring in new top shelf clientele.”

Johnson comes to Mason with seven years experience in creating and executing programs for companies of various sizes and disciplines. Johnson worked with notable clients such as Dictaphone Corporation, Philips and Ragozzino Foods developing original and functional design solutions for a wide range of applications.

Johnson currently resides in Meriden, Conn. He is active and enjoys hiking, kayaking and traveling.